About US

Active4.me is a service that helps active transportation programs manage their data and verify their program's effectiveness.

We use simple, inexpensive web and barcode technology to capture trips to school and compute the impact each trip has on CO2, gas, dollars, and calories. We also capture mode share, temperature and conditions.

Our Goal

We want to increase the number of students using active transportation to and from school.

How it works

Each student is given a barcode tag and entered into the active4.me database with the distance to and from school, their default transportation type, teacher's name, and grade. On program days, a volunteer scans in each student as they arrive, capturing that trip. This data can then be summarized for any date range or posted automatically to the school's web site.

Notify Option

One additional service we offer is the ability to immediately notify a parent by text(SMS), phone, or email that their student has arrived at school.

Is Active4.me a nonprofit?

No. We looked into that, but quickly discovered that being a nonprofit was expensive, added additional burdens, and offered no benefit. Our goal is to have this site pay for itself, a little development time, and/or a few third-party services. Keeping it lean, increases the focus and decreases costs. Being self-funded also has an additional benefit: we are not chasing grants. All of our time is spent making the site better.