1. Develop Your Program

The Active4.me web application is very flexible. Your program can be of any duration from one day to an entire school year. Virtual Badges, Monkey Money, trip counts and classroom competitions can all be combined into your own customized program. Enable and track one or all of the following transportation types: Bike, Carpool, Public Transportation, Scooter, Skateboard or Walking.

We also have tons of reports to measure your success.

Program ideas:
  1. Replace your Walking Wednesday punch cards with barcode tags.
  2. Have multiple challenges. Start with a two-week challenge, then go to a Walk and Roll Wednesday, then end the school year with another two-week challenge.
  3. Host a cold-weather challenge with another school.
  4. Add a random scan day and offer Monkey Money only on that day.
  5. Use the Virtual Badges as a reminder to award real world prizes.
  6. Have a year-long district wide school challenge.
  7. Find a bank to sponsor your program and convert the virtual Monkey Money into real $$.

2. Student Feedback and Notification Options

One of the best forms of encouragement we found was simply giving the students their updated trip count and milage totals as they scanned in. Students really enjoy this positive feedback and you can literally see the sense of accomplishment light up their face.

Along with this immediate feedback, you can optionally send a text, email or phone notification to the parent letting them know their student arrived at school. The instant notifications are enabled by a local wifi connection with a laptop or with one of our mobile scanning apps. The advantage of the Internet connected program is that the notifications are sent immediately.

If you don’t have an Internet connection at the scanning location and still want to offer the notifications, you can do this with a batch upload. In this case, we recommend the Motorola CS3070. This scanner is self-contained and stores all the scans on the device. After you are done with a day of scans, you connect the device to a computer and upload the file.

This is also a great option for Junior High and High School programs, where you are texting the students (not their parents) with their current statistics. For programs at these grade levels, you might want to time the file upload and notifications to occur during a lunch period or after school.

Important! Always confirm that Internet access is available and working at the location where you will be doing the scanning. Many schools have Wi-Fi but it might not be strong enough where you want to do the scanning. Work with the school’s IT staff to get a strong signal and access through their firewall if necessary. Make sure the Web pages on Active4.me load quickly from the area you intend to do the scanning. Request a free test account to verify you have a working connection. If you are using the Mobile Scanning Apps, be sure to test them as well. We have seen significant differences between Verizon and AT&T signal strengths at certain schools.

You can also choose to not offer the notifications at all and just collect the statistics.

3. Register Your School

This is the information we’ll need to know:
  1. School Name
  2. Address
  3. Will any students under 13 years of age be participating?
  4. Do you expect more that 500 registered students?
  5. How many Barcode tags do you need or are you printing your own?
  6. Enable Mini-Site (example http://northdavis.active4.me/)
    • * What name would you like it to be: http://yourschool.active4.me?
    • * Enable electronic registration for the Mini-Site?
  7. Name, email and phone of primary program administrator
  8. Enable Quick-Start ?
    • * The default transportation type (walk, bike, etc)
    • * The default distance for each trip.
    • * The default teacher name and grade
    • * Barcode number range; for example 2000 to 2500.

Prepayment is required before account activation. You’ll be able to access your account 2–3 days after payment has been received. See Pricing details

Things to keep in mind: If any student participating in the program is under 13, then all participants at the school are required to submit paper forms with a parent’s signature to opt into the program. We do have an electronic intake form that will speed up your data entry significantly, but you will still need to make a paper form available for those who don’t have computer access or are unwilling to register on the site.

It’s a good idea to arrange certain days to collect the signed forms and attach the barcodes to students’ backpacks right then. If at all possible, scan in the registration form and assign the barcode to the student account right then. Having one or two volunteers on the computer and another attaching the barcode tags is an effective system. Giving out a small treat or snack to all students who turn in completed forms is also a good way to increase participation. If computer access is not possible where and when the forms are collected, write the barcode number on the form and attach the barcode to the students backpack. Then when you get back to your computer you can input the barcode numbers and activate the student account.

For students age 13 and above, you have the option to use electronic-only registration, written parent permission is not required for this group. If the students have access to a computer lab or classroom with Internet access, you can simply hand out barcode tags and tell them to register themselves online.

4. Email or call with any other questions.

(530) 402-8250