Quick Start

The Quick Start program was developed to overcome our biggest obstacle; a signed paper form returned from a parent. Even at the best schools, getting a signed permission form back is difficult and at some schools almost impossible. This program was developed to overcome this obstacle by not collecting any personal information that would require parental permission.

How it works

  1. Hand out barcode tags to any participant.
  2. When scanned, if the barcode number is not found, we automatically create the account and use the barcode number as the User Name, and assign a default distance and transportation type. The system can also be set to assign a default teacher or prompt the scanner to ask the student for the teachers name.
  3. We can now accurately capture each trips associated with that barcode number.
  4. Parents can later opt-in to the Notifications by returning the signed form.


  1. Increased participation.
  2. Replaces your paper tracking systems and provides real time data.
  3. Great at capturing trip counts or classroom competitions
  4. Prize and incentives can still be offered.
  5. An easy way to introduction an active transportation program to a school.


  1. Milage data is an estimate based on the default miles.
  2. Gender and Transportation mode not collected.