Dero RFID Scanner now works with the Dero RFID Zap Scanner to allow for fully automated scanning at your school site.

How it works

The RFID scanner is a wireless solar powered piece of hardware with a directional antenna installed on a pole that can read RFID tags attached to the students backpacks at a distance of up to 15–25 feet away. All the students need to do is walk or ride next to the pole to record the trip. Each trip recorded is noted with a audible “beep” as the students pass underneath.

Mix and Match

The RFID reader can be used alone or in combination with the barcode scanning system. Used together, you can have automated data collection and all the other features we offer, free Scanning Apps (for alternate entrances), Virtual Badges, Monkey Money and consolidated statistics on your own web page.


While the Dero Zap excels at automated data capture, the down side is that it has a set connection schedule of once an hour. This makes the immediate parent notifications impossible.

Hardware and Tags

Contact Anthony Spaaij for a quote on the Zap Scanner and tags.

RFID tags will cost between $2.50 to $3.00 depending on volume.
For more info:

The Dero Zap Scanner