Virtual Badges!

Gamify your active transportation program with virtual badges. We've added a bunch of "Trip" based badges and a number of extreme weather badges. We also play a special sound when a badge is earned (try the sound below).

Type of Badges

  1. Contest: The contest trip count is for any period you determine. For example you might have a two week “Winter Challenge.” The contest trip counts can be reset by you at any time.
  2. School Year: The school year trip counts all trips during the school year. This allows you to have individual “Contests” and also encourage year round scanning. For example, you might have individual Fall and Winter challenges while still awarding badges for yearly milestones.
  3. Lifetime: The lifetime tracks all the trips that student has ever taken. This can be used to award VBs for multi-year trip totals.
  4. Date Specific: These are awarded to those students that scan on the specified date. This is useful for “extreme weather” badges or special events like walk/bike to school day.

Example Usage

Sharing with the students

If you have a mini-site this is how it will look to the public. If you are not using the mini-site then print out the student summary and post it on scanning days.

Try the award sound