• 9,046 Miles Logged

  • 3.97 tons of CO2 Averted

  • 361,824 Calories Burned

  • 5818 Car Trips Removed

Thanks for a great launch of the Trip Tracker program at Bennett this spring. We'll ramp back up in the Fall when school starts again. In the meantime keep tracking those trips traveled by foot, bike and bus!

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Register Now!

Students can participate in the program without registering, but in order to get an accurate portrayal of a student's trips registration is recommended. Registration involves specifying which type of mode a student uses most, entering the miles traveled round-trip, designating a teacher, etc. This provides better data for you and the school. Register today to get the most out of the program!

About the Program

Bennett Elementary is the first school in Poudre School district to implement the Safe Routes to School Trip Tracker program. The program uses RFID technology to allow students to easily log their bicycling, walking and bus trips to and from school. It can track miles, calories spent, CO2 saved, gallons of gas saved and money saved.

Volunteer Needed!

Are you passionate about encouraging students to bike, walk and bus to school? We need a parent volunteer who would like to help facilitate Bennett's Trip Tracker program. Please contact Matt Bray (mbray@psdschools.org) or Jamie Gaskill-Fox (jgaskill-fox@fcgov.com) if you are interested in helping.